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We are passionate about prevention. Our age-appropriate curriculum is fun, interactive, and informational.

Catalyst’s Children’s Program is specifically designed to support children staying in our housing programs. The transition into communal living and the disruption intimate partner violence creates within the home can be difficult for children as their parent seeks to find safety and stability. Combining evidence based trauma informed practices with new trainings and research, our Children’s Advocates strive to create and promote safe, non-violent environments within our shelter to help build a sense of safety and security, while providing opportunities to build resilience following circumstances of violence and abuse. They provide immediate assistance with the behavioral and emotional needs of the children, and facilitate recreational and educational group activities and field trips.

With the added stressor of COVID-19, everyone is home. The hub of the family has now become the whole universe of the family. Our Children’s Program has adapted services to be accessible to families by transitioning recreational and educational groups into monthly family activity kits to help decrease household stress,  strengthen family bonds, and provide the opportunity for positive childhood experiences. 

If you are not a current housing participant but would like to get support for your child, please visit our counseling page.

Learn about the effect that domestic violence has on children here.

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